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Rilao Remote Viewing Protocol

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The Rilao Remote Viewing Protocol (RRVP) is a collaborative worldbuilding game. Initially produced for the 2014 Science of Fiction conference in Los Angeles, the RRVP uses a card deck and ruleset to scaffold participants through a storytelling and making process. A website collects the output of this process in real-time, enabling participants to watch live as the fictional world of Rilao emerges from their collective imagination.

In February of 2015, the RRVP will appear as the centerpiece of a three day workshop at the Berlinale Talent Campus during the Berlin International Film Festival.

From the Guidebook Introduction

Welcome to the Rilao Advanced Research Center (RARC). Using our newly-developed Rilao Remote Viewing Protocol (RRVP), your team will psychomediate visits to Rilaoan locales in at least 5 different time periods over a 150 year time span. Your objective is to return from those visits with descriptions and illustrations of the things, people, and practices you observe. In Phase I of the Protocol (“the call”), you will produce brief descriptions of things, people, and practices; in Phase II of the Protocol (“the response”), you will expand on descriptions created by other teams, illustrating them with images, stories, and other kinds of media. You will then upload this material to a website, from which a book will be produced for publication and international release.

As with so much of Rilaoan technology, your intuition is critical to the functioning of the RRVP. The RRVP is a guide. It will lead your imagination to places and times you have never visited before. As someone who has only recently learned of Rilao’s existence, your imagination is uniquely positioned to access details about Rilaoan culture without the kinds of interference from expectation and prior knowledge suffered by native Rilaoans. We are entrusting you to help us gain insight into our world.


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For more documentation and creative outputs, please visit


Process Design: Jeff Watson
Creative Direction: Alex McDowell and Jeff Watson
Text: Lauren Fenton and Jeff Watson
Graphic Design & Layout: Bryan Zhang, Eric Marshall, and Jeff Watson
Website: Cornelius Bergen
Concept Development: Stuart Candy and Jeff Watson
Special Thanks: Trevor Barber, Juan Diaz, Esteban Fajardo, Casey Fenton, Karl Menjivar-Baumann, Ossie Parker, Isabella Schloss, Emily Wanserski, 5D Institute, everyone in Alex McDowell’s USC Worldbuilding class, and all the fantastic facilitators, volunteers, and participants at Science of Fiction and Berlinale Talent Campus


Works created during the 2014 Science of Fiction experience are published at


Acquire a Set

Pending a larger print run, an extremely limited number of RRVP game sets are available for sale. Preference will be given to educators and design jam organizers. Please get in touch for more information.