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A grassroots campaign is currently afoot to get citizens engaged in collective future visioning. It’s called #DareToImagine, an initiative of USDAC, the United States Department of Arts and Culture, with which Situation Lab has been collaborating for some time (I serve as USDAC’s futures advisor). So we at Sitlab recently issued a special customised edition of The Thing From The

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Author: Stuart Candy 5

Participatory cli-fi: the Making of FutureCoast

FutureCoast is an ambitious, just-launched collaborative cli-fi (climate fiction) storytelling game, created by the PoLAR Partnership at Columbia University and funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF). A central interest of ours here at the Situation Lab has to do with the design of participatory frameworks for storytelling at scale – also a central challenge for this project. So